About Nahum Justin Vizakis

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, moved around for many years and found my home in my adult life in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am an intuitive empath, athlete, father, and seeker of higher knowledge and wisdom.

I have been studying Astrology for six years and it has changed my life in many ways. Back in 2010, while in Iraq serving in the U.S. Army Special Operations; I discovered I am an Empath. This “Spiritual Awakening” cracked open my Kundalini energy and forever changed my life path. Since that time I have been studying with healers, Shamans and mentors from all over the world. I went to Arizona State University for Psychology, yet found there was a significant amount of information missing from that perspective. Astrology has taught me how to read and interpret energy, I am an energy healer and Neuromuscular therapist as well. I enjoy coaching and guiding my beautiful fellow beings through the darkness we all go through at some period of time in life. I use techniques from Reiki, Theta healing, Astrology, Tarot, NLP and Psychology to interact with and interpret the energies that will help you understand why it is you feel the way you feel, how it is affecting you emotionally, physically and energetically, and create a plan of action to accomplish whatever goals you have your heart set upon.

In addition, being an Athlete, former competitive bodybuilder, MMA fighter and Powerlifter; I address issues of nutrition and fitness. I find that this is a very important and lacking aspect of growth that people tend to neglect in the Spiritual community. Nutrition is critical to sustain optimal energetic, emotional and physical function that allows us to face life’s challenges head on.

I am now a coach to many, and I have developed a system of transformation from my 22 years of experience that brings an evolutionary philosophy and system to you that will guide you through your deepest times of change. Lets transform together and discover how to take action in our own unique way to do our part to change humanity. The world needs you to stand in your power, lets do this!

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