Spiritual Health Coaching

The Spiritual Health Coaching sessions are specifically geared towards working with you on an individual basis to clear blockages and understand specific issues that you are dealing with now. While 15 minutes may be used to address a couple of questions that you need extreme clarity on, the 30 min and 60-minute sessions are available as one-time occurrences or as a monthly recurring one-on-one dedicated coaching sessions. It is our goal to get you to the point where you can provide guidance for yourself. The coaching protocols we follow in the Opportunity Community is designed to set the foundation for this Grand Awakening Transformation of your life!  One on one spiritual health coaching will build on this in order to identify and work through blockages to maximize the efficacy of the deeply rooted self-limiting aspects of life and have the biggest breakthroughs you ever thought possible. However, your level of commitment to yourself will dictate the speed in which your personal transformation will occur.

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