One on One Spiritual Health Coaching

I chose to work with Nahum one on one over all the other types of programs out there as I felt intuitively that I needed a personal approach to
improving my health.  I wanted to work with someone who could help me not just with my nutrition, but my over all health mentally, emotionally, and
spiritually.  I never expected that every part of my life would improve and change for the better, the way that it has and how I continue to grow through the
process and help me to create greater balance in my life.
The 1st week of writing down everything I consumed was not new to me, but journaling how I felt and what was happening to me each day was not something
I expected to like or enjoy.  What surprised me was how just putting it down on paper helped me to visualize and express what I normally would hold in. To say it was and is cathartic is an
understatement. Looking back at my journal has been interesting as the one thing that stands out the most is that what I was consuming the 1st few weeks took up pages, but within a few weeks of the process,

what I consumed barely took up a page. It helped me see what bad habits I had and that planning and establishing new habits was possible.  There is no such thing as a cheat day.

it’s a choice we make everyday to be honest with ourselves and if I wasn’t then who was I hurting?
About a month into the process, I struggled emotionally with not see results on the scale.  I felt lighter, stronger, my brain fog was gone, I was sleeping better.  But, I was completely
hung up on that red glowing number every morning and why it was not moving down faster.  I wanted instantaneous results!!!  Nahum helped me to understand that I just needed to let the process
happen and let go of what the scale was saying and focus on what I was feeling,  I am a black and white kind of person and going into the gray area
of just feeling what I was feeling and working through the process was hard. So,  I focused on how I was feeling in my looser clothing,  how I could move better, how I wasn’t falling asleep at my desk
during the day and that I felt really good.  “Let it go and let it flow” was something I needed to do and it’s something I still tell myself everyday and has helped me in how I handle all things in my life now.
Just when you feel like, ok I got this I am good.   There is a something new added to the processes, pretty much every couple of weeks, and that is the beauty and the beast of
working through this, and having someone there to guide me through it, and answer all my questions. He helped me understand what was working and what wasn’t working for me and never making me
feel like what I was doing  wasn’t good enough.  Having a coach that believes in you, supports you and helps you every step of the way no matter what the obstacles you are facing is
what one on one coaching is all about.
This process has changed my not only my health but my life completely. It has changed my perspective on how I feel about myself emotionally, physically, mentally and metaphysically, I would highly recommending
working with Nahum and one on one coaching for anyone trying to improve their health.
Peace 🙂
Lesley Zurla
West Milford
New Jersey
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